Sheriff’s Dept honors Eastern Will’s Scott Glomb

by Dennis Sullivan
May 21, 2014

An Eastern Will County resident is among three Will County Sheriff’s Police scheduled to be formally recognized Thursday for their response to an Oct. 18 Frankfort-area hostage situation.

Deputy Scott Glomb was dispatched with deputies Brett Farmer and Michael Kane to a basement apartment on the 7900 block of West Lincoln Highway, where they encountered a barricaded man with two young female hostages screaming for help.

The man, later identified as Jesse L. Negrete, allegedly said he was armed, threatened to shoot the deputies, the two women and himself.

The deputies secured the apartment complex, gathered pertinent information for the tactical team, and negotiated with the offender to release one of the hostages, earning Glomb and Kane awards for meritorious service.

Farmer spoke with Negrete for several hours, according to Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Kathy Hoffmeyer, who said Farmer’s “extraordinary efforts” calmed Negrete and resulted in his giving himself up without incident. Farmer is being honored for distinguished service.

Negrete, now 51, is charged with two counts of armed violence, a Class X felony with a sentencing range of 6-30 years if convicted. Negrete is also charged with aggravated domestic battery/strangle and being a convicted criminal in possession of a firearm — both Class 2 felonies carrying a sentencing range of 3-7 years if convicted.

Awards banquet Thursday
Glomb, Kane and Farmer will be recognized at an awards banquet scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Thursday in New Lenox at VFW Post 9545, 323 Old Hickory Road. The banquet will include an opening and closing ceremony by the Sheriff’s Honor Guard, invocation by the Rev. Vytas Memenas and presentation of awards by the Will County Sheriff.

The Distinguished Service Award is granted to a member of the department for an act or achievement involving performance above and beyond the normal requirements of their assignment, which brings credit to the department. The Meritorious Service Award honors exceptional work ethic and dedication.

Also scheduled to be recognized at the annual awards banquet are:

  • Sergeant Nathaniel Freeman — Meritorious Service,
  • Deputy Craig Jett — Meritorious Service,
  • Deputy James Reilly — Meritorious Service and
  • Sergeant John Wieffenbach — Distinguished Service.

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