Coroner mum on cause of Hilton death


Investigators discuss an 85-year-old Crete man’s murder Thursday standing between the house and pond [not pictured] that was searched for a weapon. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

by Dennis Sullivan
May 17, 2014

The Will County Coroner has officially ruled that an 85-year-old man found dead at his home on Bemes Wednesday was “the victim of foul play.” Chief Deputy Coroner Robert Brenczewski declined Friday to specify the actual cause of death, acknowledging to a freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune that the Coroner’s Office usually provides a more specific cause.

He attributed the vagueness to a request by Will County Sheriff’s Police. The Will County Sheriff Chief Deputy, who also serves as the department spokesman, has said Alfred L. Hilton died of blunt-force trauma. Sources close to the investigation have indicated that may not be accurate.

Here is a link to Friday’s follow-up story in the Chicago Tribune


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by Dennis Sullivan 
May 16, 2014


Investigators gather outside the ransacked home on Bemes Road less than one-half mile west of Stateline Road. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

Will County Sheriff’s Police have made no arrests in the brutal murder of an 85-year-old Crete-area man found unresponsive in his home Wednesday.

Responding to questions from a freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune Thursday afternoon outside the home on the 3200 block of Bemes Road, Will County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Jungles confirmed that an investigation was under way.

Standing near the more than a dozen responding fire, rescue and diver vehicles — mostly from south Cook County municipalities, Jungles said there was no search-and-rescue of the large pond on the 7-acre property.

He referred all other questions to the Sheriff’s Dept spokesman.

Neighbors gathered Thursday afternoon within view of the Hilton property and its large pond said investigators had been at the home since Wednesday evening.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman said 85-year-old Alfred L. Hilton, who lived alone at the residence, was apparently the victim of blunt-force trauma.

The Will County Coroner’s Office, which reportedly removed the body Wednesday evening, had not yet issued a press communication this morning.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman said the home appeared to have been ransacked.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman said Hilton’s body was discovered by a member of his church Wednesday who was concerned the octogenarian hadn’t appeared at an outreach activity Tuesday.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman described Hilton as fit and healthy.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman said dive crews had been called as a precautionary measure.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman acknowledged around 4:30 p.m. Thursday that the Tribune was the only news outlet to have the story and asked the reporter to withhold publication while investigators looked for two persons of interest. Tribune editors agreed to honor the request.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman’s comments appeared in a story carried in the Joliet Herald-News two hours later.

The Sheriff’s Dept spokesman is running for Will County Sheriff.

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