‘When a trustee’s report is over, it’s over’

Trustees Dean Gaffney and Holly Milburn discuss an issue prior to the village board meeting in this photo taken in January. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

Trustees Dean Gaffney and Holly Milburn discuss an issue prior to the village board meeting in this photo taken in January. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

by Dennis Sullivan
May 15, 2014

Crete Trustee Dean Gaffney Monday called on other village board members to end their “petty bickering” and focus on improving the quality of life in Crete.

“We’ve gotta give the residents a reason to stick around, a reason to stay in Illinois, a reason to stay in Crete,” he said as he stood facing the back of the room.

Gaffney cited a recent Chicago newspaper article about a general exodus from Illinois to Indiana,relating it to his own experience of going to the mailbox, and “boom,” finding his “personal property taxes went up $1,000.”

Gaffney, elected in 2013 on a slate opposing the current mayor, recalled that he previously golfed on the nights when the village board met. He said he was wearing his golfing cap Monday night to emphasize his commitment to serving the village.

He offered no specific solutions.

It was the second time in two weeks Gaffney has used his building-and-grounds time to address unrelated issues.

At the April 28 meeting, he used the time to:

  • Blast fellow trustees’ 4-1 vote to expand the role of the village’s financial consultant,
  • Complain that he had insufficient information to cast an informed vote and
  • Criticize the village clerk for providing an agenda that didn’t include the financial consultant’s full name.

Gaffney returned to that issue during Monday’s meeting in the time set aside to amend, correct and approve the April 28 meeting minutes.

Again taking issue with the clerk, Gaffney publicly chided her for including Mayor Mike Einhorn’s response to his building-and-grounds report.

Gaffney insisted that Einhorn’s defense of the financial consultant’s credentials and experience be deleted from the portion of the minutes describing his report.

“When a trustee’s report is ended, it’s ended,” he said.

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3 comments on “‘When a trustee’s report is over, it’s over’

  1. Yes, Crete needs some attention. The Village President is spending his time and many talents working on a road from Monee to Dyer, how does that benefit Crete? Time better spent would to asking the citizens what they want or need. Crete is the only community in the area with no public transportation, yet we’re 4 miles from a major university and train terminus. Mr Gaffney is speaking out, something that has been lacking at the Village board for many years.

  2. First of all we need to get the facts straight. What I am proposing is that we study the east-west road corridor formed by Rt 231(109th Street) that comes out of Crown Point and aligns with Crete-Monee Road over to Monee. Connecting these two segments of road would give the people of this area a better means of moving across the state line and take pressure off of the current Exchange Street route. Now is the time to be planning for this type of improvement before the corridor is encroached upon to the point where capacity improvements are impossible. Delaying this planning process will cripple future development along the corridor and create a circumstance much like what happened with the Illiana, where due to the passage of time the northern corridor was built upon and the road now will be so far south it will serve no benefit for local users. I would also suggest that you check the RTAMs web site and you will find that there are many south suburban communities that do not have bus service; Richton Park, Frankfort, most of Olympia Fields, virtually all the towns west of here in Will County and nothing in Indiana. We lack the population density to support regular bus service. That is a simple fact, and with the statistical data the is available to PACE, if we had a significant need they would have established a route in this area. What Mr. Gaffney has done is pointed out problems that are well known to all. What he hasn’t done is provided viable solutions and by his own admission has no answers. Focusing on negative items seldom provides any positive benefit.

  3. Good. It sounds like someone is doing his job.

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