Introducing the EWC News Comment Policy

by Dennis Sullivan
May 9, 2014


We’re establishing a comment policy.

The policy, which should have been established long ago, responds to two recent comments that have been rejected. One comment was from a commenter using a bogus name, while the other personally criticized — at length — a lower-level village employee. We apologize to both posters for the previous lack of guidelines and thank them for their attempted participation.

Your views and those of other Eastern Will County News readers are essential to an active exchange of ideas and we encourage your participation. 

We anticipate robust appraisals, comments and criticism of public officials and public figures. Public officials have, or are generally perceived to have, substantial responsibility for — or control over — the conduct of government affairs. Public officials include local/area elected officials, heads of staff and high-level administrators. Public figures include individuals leading public conversations.  



  • Provide your real name and 
  • Limit your comments to the topic under discussion


  • Swear or curse, 
  • Defame or personally insult individuals, 
  • Threaten, 
  • Use hate speech targeting race, religion, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, disability, age or sexual orientation or 
  • Promote or endorse for-profit services or products.

We reserve the right to not publish comments. Accurate, fair and courteous comments have the best chance of being posted.

Your comments are welcome at any time, but our limited resources may affect how quickly your reviewed comment is posted. Ideally, we’ll post reviewed comments before the end of the next business day. Thanks in advance for your patience.

In providing your comments, you grant Eastern Will County News permission to copy, distribute, make derivatives or display your work publicly and free-of-charge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comment policy, which may be revised, updated and/or rewritten as needed. 




Original material copyright 2014 Eastern Will County News; all rights reserved.

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