Richton bridge replacement set to begin

Anthony 'Tony' Recupito

Anthony ‘Tony’ Recupito

by Dennis Sullivan
May 8, 2014

Richton Road, closed between the Plum Valley subdivision and Illinois Route 394 for the past 27 months, is set to re-open this fall, with a new bridge in place over Plum Creek.

Crete Township Highway Commissioner Anthony Recupito said today removal of the current, 36-year-old structure between Plum Valley Drive and Jonathan Lane is set to begin this month.

Coal City-based D Construction has until Sept. 28 to install the 135-foot-long two-lane replacement structure, Recupito said.

Recupito predicts Crete Township residents in and around Plum Valley “will see workers along the creek, including along the top of the embankments, as well as the roadway and property immediately adjacent to the road.

Some noise, traffic interruption
“As part of this work there will be some additional noise generated from such activities as the demolition of the old bridge, the driving of new steel piles to support the bridge and the concrete bridge deck pour,” he said.

Recupito said township highway employees would notify nearby residents when traffic along Richton Road would be impacted by major operations “such as the concrete beam installation and various concrete pours.”

He said D Construction was the lowest bidder — at $1,043,882 — of four firms responding to the Illinois Department of Transportation, which is covering 80 percent of the entire project from federal funds.

10% instead of 50%
The Crete Township Highway Department and Will County are each contributing 10 percent, which will cover the remaining 20 percent of the project cost. Will County board members in April agreed to release $125,000 for its portion of the construction and project engineering costs.

“That’s not a bad deal for us,” Recupito said of the Township Highway Department’s 10 percent commitment, adding that this is the first time his department has gone beyond Will County’s 50-50 cost-sharing program for funding.

Township highway departments, which use Motor Fuel Tax revenue for their projects, are separate from township “government.”

Recupito closed the current Richton Road/Plum Creek bridge in January 2012. The “ugly bridges” Website lists the deck condition as “poor,” the superstructure condition as “imminent failure” and the substructure condition as “serious.”

Klemme, Danne bridges
Also slated for replacement are the bridge on Klemme Road and the bridge on Danne Road. Both projects are in the environmental/engineering phase, he said.

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