Meet Maggie Platter: 1 in 600

Maggie Platter. Photo credit: LinkedIn.

Maggie Platter. Photo credit: LinkedIn.

by Dennis Sullivan
April 30, 2014

Developing an employee wellness program will be one of Maggie Platter’s first duties as the village’s administrative assistant/human resources supervisor, Village Administrator Tom Durkin said today.

Durkin said the program, encouraged by Crete’s group health insurance plan, is part of a general trend to head off unhealthy habits that may contribute to illness and injury — and related insurance claims.

(High School sports fans may recall that Platter distinguished herself as a Crete-Monee senior in 2002 South Inter-Conference Association East playoffs, hitting four home runs for the Warriors during a game against Rich South.)

Platter’s human resources experience in her current job as finance manager of the Joliet Job Corps Center should also be useful in “realigning” village staff roles, Durkin said.

He said Platter will also be involved in expanding the village’s presence on social media, calling her “a bright young woman with a very bright future.”

600 applications
Mayor Mike Einhorn introduced Platter at Monday’s village board meeting, noting there were 600 applications for the position, which has been expanded from the previous role of administrative assistant.

Einhorn said Trustee Mark Wiater and Village Administrator Tom Durkin pared the initial 600 applications “down to a manageable number.”

Einhorn and Wiater then attempted to select the best candidate, but became deadlocked, he said, crediting Trustee Holly Milburn with helping “to move us off dead center.”

Platter holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In addition to her more than three years with the Joliet Job Corps, she worked five years with a small CPA firm in Hinsdale.

Durkin said the¬†financial background gave Platter an edge in the selection process, but won’t be a significant part of her job.

“It’s just another resource if a finance question comes up,” he said.

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7 comments on “Meet Maggie Platter: 1 in 600

  1. What is this crap? We we get some cash in the register and we have to blow it on a wellness administrator. We need this like another airport. Who is her sponsor?

    • Administering a wellness program is just one very small facet of her job duties and something we have not previously been involved in. Wellness programs are an effective way to reduce health insurance costs and are encouraged by the insurance companies. They are implemented with very minimal if any cost and are voluntary on the part of the employee. Mainly just record keeping. I am not sure what the “sponsor” comment is all about.

  2. Another full-time employee for the Village President’s growing staff. How many employees does a town of 8500 need? This is money that could have gone to the police, whose staff is starting to shrink as officers leave for better positions.The Village Hall will soon run out of office space as the staff grows, of course it can only seat 25 for a Village Board meeting, which can’t be put on public access TV, because ‘it costs too much’.

    • Editor’s note: We appreciate feedback from readers, but believe feedback is better when it’s attached to a real name. Going forward, we’re limiting letters/comments to those from persons providing their actual names.

  3. Maggie Platter?? More like Maggie Awesomeness! Smart move, Village.

  4. If this appointment occurs, then we may as well moved to chicago and be raped by the Chicago mob.

  5. First of all Mr Jerz, why does this matter to you since you live in the township not the Village? Second, what is the basis for you comment? She was hired not appointed to fill a position that we have had for quite a few years and was vacant because the previous employee left to take another job.

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