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Breaking news: New 201U supt hire imminent

Maurice Brown

Maurice Brown

by Dennis Sullivan
April 16, 2014

Crete-Monee School District officials appear to have concluded their search for a new superintendent.

School District 201U Board Vice President Maurice Brown said Tuesday that, “Sometime real soon, we’ll be sharing our (new) superintendent with the district.”

Brown, responding to a question from Crete resident Doris Harmon-Warren during the regular monthly board of education meeting, said he was unsure of the exact date, but “that should be happening real soon. We’re still working through some logistics.”

The superintendent position has been vacant since late 2013 when John Rogers left after his contract wasn’t renewed and a search team hired.

On a separate issue, Brown said district negotiators are “diligently working” to reach a new contract with the Crete-Monee Education Association.

Teachers have been working without a contract since the 2008-13 contract ended. New-contract talks began a year ago.

“I know everybody’s anxious for it to end,” Brown said in response to Harmon-Warren’s point that the current school year is winding down.

“Believe me, I don’t think I had this many gray hairs before it (negotiations) started but,” he said with a wry laugh, “we’re trying to make progress. Every meeting, we’re trying to make progress.”

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  1. We the taxpayers should have imput into the contract since we have to pay it.

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