Crete nursing home to continue on Richton Road


Built in the early 1980s, St. James Manor & Villas was originally operated by an agency affiliated with the Catholic Church. Photo credit: St. James Website.

by Dennis Sullivan
March 27, 2014

A nursing home and assisted-living complex originally operated as a Catholic facility is up for sale by its current owner, Trilogy Health Services LLC. Attorney Janet L. Schwieters is representing both buyer and seller in the deal.

Trilogy, a secular corporation, has operated St. James Manor, a 110-bed skilled care facility at 1251 E. Richton Road and the 61-bed St. James Villas assisted-living facility to the northeast, since 2009.

St. James Manor offers assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, long-term care and skilled nursing, as well as Legacy Lane, a specialized-care section for Alzheimer patients. The complex also offers physical, occupational and speech therapy, along with outpatient therapy, transitional care and respite care.

At Monday’s village board meeting, trustees agreed to approve a special-use permit allowing the complex to continue operating as skilled-care and assisted-living facilities. Trustees also agreed to change the zoning from single-family to multi-family residential as a matter of “housekeeping.”

The special use permit allows the St. James complex to operate up to 110 skilled-care beds and up to 61 assisted-living beds.

Special use permits don’t stay with a property and must, therefore, be reapproved when a property is sold.

The village’s planning and zoning commission endorsed the special use permit and recommended the zoning change to the village board.

No plans for expansion
Village Administrator Tom Durkin said reapproving the special use permit would “really just accommodate what has been existing there since the early 1980s.” There are no plans for expansion, Durkin said.

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Karen Tellef agreed this afternoon, saying the special use permit spells out “exactly what you can do and if the new purchaser wants to do anything more, they have to come in front of us.”

Tellef said the 45-minute P&Z Commission hearing and Monday’s village board vote occurred prior to the property’s sale because the new owners didn’t want to complete the transaction without assurance the village would allow the current operation to continue.

The complex was constructed in the 1980s and operated by by Franciscan Communities, Inc.

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