E Will helped Kaupas, didn’t do much for Kelley


Ken Kaupas


Mike Kelley


Nick Ficarello

by Dennis Sullivan
March 19, 2014

Being the clear favorite among Eastern will County voters in Monday’s primary for Will County Sheriff clearly helped Deputy Chief Ken Kaupas, but didn’t do much for University Park Police Chief Ed Bradley, who lost to Mike Kelley.

Kaupas, declared the winner by several news media, appears to have captured 50.3 percent of the vote in the Republican contest with Nick Ficarello, a former Sheriff’s Department lieutenant.

Kaupas received 20,554 votes, with 1,935 of them coming from Eastern Will County. Kaupas’ strongest support was in Crete, Green Garden, Monee and Washington townships.

Ficarello garnered 20,331 votes countywide, with 1,553 of them in Eastern Will County votes. Ficarello’s strongest Eastern will County showing was in Peotone and Will townships.

Ficarello told friends and supporters this morning on Facebook he wasn’t ready to concede: “We are waiting for absentee and provisional ballots to be counted for the final outcome of this race.”

Bradley, a former Will County Sheriff’s Lieutenant, received 4,063 votes countywide — 650 of them from Eastern Will County Democrats, many of them University Park and Crete residents. That left him trailing behind Mike Kelley, who received a total of 5,523 votes — with only 470 of them cast by Eastern Will County residents.

Kelley drew support from several high-profile Will County Democrats, including County Executive Larry Walsh, State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow, Coroner Pat O’Neil, Auditor Duffy Blackburn and Circuit Clerk Pam McGuire.

Also beating Bradley was Republican-turned-Democrat Steve Egan, whose 4,194 votes made him second overall. Egan earned 347 votes in Eastern Will County.

About the candidates
Kaupas, a Shorewood resident, served 26 years with the Illinois State Police before joining the Will County Sheriff’s Department as a Chief Deputy and department spokesman. He is a second-cousin of retiring Sheriff Paul Kaupas.

Kelley is a 25-year member of the Will County Sheriff’s Department and lifelong Lockport resident.

Ficarello, a Manhattan resident who retired as a lieutenant after 31 years with the Sheriff’s Department, ran as an agent of change.

Bradley retired from the Sheriff’s Department in 2009 after 21 years’ service. He unsuccessfully ran in the 2010 primary against two other Democrats, failing to garner the party’s nomination.

Will County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Egan is a lifelong Joliet resident who has been with the department for 25 of his 40 years in law enforcement. He unsuccessfully ran against incumbent Sheriff Paul Kaupas in the 2010 Republican primary.

Dems give Summers nod
to challenge Weber
In other races pertinent to Eastern Will County, Crete-area resident Laurie Summers drew 12,312 votes in her uncontested bid to be the Democrats’ candidate for Will County treasurer. That compares to the 36,563 votes incumbent treasurer Steve Weber got in his bid to continue being the Repubs’ candidate.

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