Crete first-response group offers radio deal


Village Trustee Dean Gaffney excitedly prepares to accept an emergency radio from EMA member Ryan Allision as Mayor Mike Einhorn looks on. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan.


EMA member Ryan Allison displays two types of severe-weather alert radios available at Crete Village Hall for $35. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

by Dennis Sullivan
March 14, 2014

Local residents can be sure they know what’s happening with severe weather locally with an All-Hazard Alert radio, available for $35 at the Village Hall.

Offered at a steep discount by the Crete Emergency Management Agency — the devices generally sell for $50. They provide National Weather Service reports, Amber reports and approximately 60 other emergency updates.

“We’re just trying to cover our costs,” says EMA Director Marty Braccio, who is offering the special deal during March, which is Emergency Preparedness Month. The radios are available to residents and non-residents.

The devices come in a desktop model and a portable model, which contains a rechargeable battery.

Tornado warning
Braccio says the radios are particularly useful in the case of tornados, which no longer follow any kind of pattern. “We see them coming at all times of day and night.”

The now unexpected nature of tornados means the warning function is essential, he said. “[If] this thing goes off in the middle of the night, you’re gonna hear it.” adding

Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn, who also serves as assistant fire chief, said the portable radio isn’t limited to Crete-area weather when traveling.

Simple coding enables the handheld device to track “the weather of where you’re at,” Einhorn said.

The village will accept cash, checks and most credit cards as payment.

Storm-oriented info
coming to Channel 4
In a related issue, EMS member Ryan Allision has been developing safety presentations for Channel 4, the local government access cable channel, before fall.

Topics include a range of severe-weather events that include tornados, flash floods and blizzard conditions, as well as hot to avoid injury from wind chill. Braccio said the EMS department hopes to include notices when flooding occurs under the viaduct at the Illinois Route 1-Union Avenue split.

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