Consulting engineer Ed Coggin discusses how a special water-filtration device would help upgrade Crete water. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

Consulting engineer Ed Coggin discusses how a special water-filtration device would help upgrade Crete water. Photo credit: Dennis Sullivan

by Dennis Sullivan
Feb. 11, 2014

A desk-sized device could be key to a new system that would bring Crete village well water more in line with the Lake Michigan product enjoyed by other communities.

The self-cleaning microfiber water-filter will part of a 12-week pilot program at Well No. 9 expected to begin before spring.

The program was discussed at Monday’s village board meeting during a presentation by two representatives from HR Green, a national company specializing in municipal water systems.

The pilot program would have three goals:

  • Demonstrate the system’s performance,
  • Demonstrate the system’s appropriateness to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and
  • Verify the system is going to fit Crete’s particular application.

Ed Coggin, a senior project manager at HR Green said Crete’s water currently has five times the recommended level of iron.

That high concentration, although not harmful, translates into smells and stains that have prompted some citizen complaints.

It also became a campaign issue in the spring 2013 village election that prompted Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn to respond.

Writing in a Feb. 24, 2013 blog post, Einhorn said Crete residents pay among the lowest water rates in the area.

“[I]mproving the (village’s water) quality is an expensive proposition and will require a very significant rate increase,” he said.

At Monday’s village board meeting, Einhorn said elected officials would probably know by July if the proposed system was the right one. At that point, he said, trustees would have to reach out to residents on the issue of funding.

“We know we cannot afford it under our current fee structure,” he said.

Edward J. “Eddie” McCall, senior project manager at HR Green, said the new system would produce a water product that “would match Lake Michigan quality.”

McCall said the alternative to the product manufactured by Oxnard, California-based Amiad Water Systems is more expensive and doesn’t do as good of a job.

Trustee Steve Johnson said the village independently selected HR Green and the Amiad product.

Johnson, who investigated systems used by other municipalities, as well as companies that specialize in municipal water systems, stressed, HR Green “didn’t steer us in any way at all.”

Assuming no problems, the special filter — described by Einhorn as “about the size of a desk — would be installed at municipal wells 4, 8 and 9.

Responding to a question from Resident Dave Young, Village Engineer Bill Steffen said installation would be “staggered.”

All three wells would feed into a central distribution facility — probably in an industrial area south of Burville Road between Dixie Highway and State Street.

Einhorn, responding to a question from Resident Steve Beauvoir, said wells 3 and 6 would be taken out of active service and used only “if something catastrophic” occurred.

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  1. It’s about time that the water situation in Crete, IL is addressed. Mike Einhorn always has a an excuse why we should just accept the water the way it is. I don’t care if I have to pay more for Clean Water, we the people who have spent the money to install a softener and filters are spending a small fortune on that per month and the water is still bad. On top of that I would not recommend anyone drink the water in Crete, it is by fare some of the dirtiest I have seen. I guess if you grew up or lived around it long enough you just accept it for what it’ worth. Think of it as an investment in what really matters to the people who pay taxes, work and live in Crete. Don’t worry I am sure some buddy deal will come out of this opportunity, at that point something will happen. That seems to be the only thing that get’s done in Crete, as long as the powers to be have something to gain progress will be maid.

    • I am interested in learning what “buddy” deal you refer to and how the “powers to be” have gained something in the past. You apparently have something in mind and I think you should share it with the rest of us.

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